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There are two types of "Modern-day malnutrition".
They are:

1. The lack of nutrients for converting food into energy and
2. Shortage of nutrients that aids building of body and toning
These days delicious foods are plentiful and available all time.
We tend to eat only delicious and specific foods we like. Also we very often eat out and consume food from convenience store.
Have you known that the micronutrients are lost at each step of food processing?
Were you aware that processed foods contain very little vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber however have excessive fats and food additives?
Vitamins and mineral deficiencies can adversely affect our health, but did you know that it even causes malnutrition of the brain that causes depression and loss of productivity?
(1) Malnutrition although we eat so much?
女性1 No matter how much we eat, we will not gain energy if nutrients that are needed for converting food into energy.
A car needs gasoline to run.

The gasoline for our body to run, is called "ATP"

Therefore our body cells will run out of gas and stops working if food cannot be converted to ATP.


What you ate will not become energy for activity even if it is being sufficiently absorbed from the intestine. After being converted to fatty acids and glucose, and is carried into the mitochondria inside the cell, and only after having gone through a chemical process called "citric acid cycle", it is converted to "ATP" that can be utilized by cells as energy source.

CoQ10 (Co-Enzyme Q10), Alpha LipoicAcid, Niacin (=vitamin B3) and L-Carnitine etc. play vital role in this citric acid cycle. A lack of any of these ingredients causes havoc in ATP (fuel) production. However most of these substances will decrease with age and supplementing them from food intake becomes increasingly difficult. Also minute amount of minerals such as Selenium and Chrome play extremely important role in this citric acid cycle hence indispensable in the production of ATP.
女性2 Nutragen Supplements for your Health and Vitality!
All living cells require ATP as its fuel. ATP is manufactured inside each cell from carbohydrate, protein or fatty acid. The process of ATP production requires numerous vitamins, minerals and co-enzymes and a lack of any of these substances causes shortage of fuel (end product) in the cell and the cell without enough ATP will become weak, inactive or die.
BK9 and NutraVITA provide in abundance these indispensable vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and co-enzymes that tend to become insufficient.
It contributes to vitality and health of all cells of the body by supplying abundant fuel (ATP).
Lack of nutrients (fuel) is one major cause of aging caused by cell deterioration and death. By making each individual cell healthy and active, it contributes to acquiring disease resistance and slowing aging.

Cells can utilize only ATP as its fuel. CoQ10 and other substances included in BK9 and NutraVITA are indispensable to the production of ATP. A lack of any of these ingredients will result in fatigued cell and body.
(2) Your body is partially reborn everyday.
Therefore you might meet dramatically improved yourself!
Everyday comfortable life relieved from chronic hardship and pain!
But there is necessary nutrition to it!
Body is reborn 365 days a year. To produce energy for stripping off old skin and to regenerate a new body, it requires tremendous amount of nutritional supplementation that is beyond usual imagination!
The amount needed is so large that you cannot possibly obtain from daily meal or "ordinary" dietary supplement. There comes the need for Nutragen Supplement that is based upon a new concept called "SONA".
The old and obsolete Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is totally inadequate to rectify "modern-day malnutrition" .
Therefore the modern Nutritional researchers established recommendation called SONA.
Amounts specified in SONA are often more than 10 times the RDA!
The amount that cannot possibly be taken by daily meal and "ordinary supplement".
Your body is regenerated little by little every day.
And whole new you are reborn after one year


Approximate Time Required for Total Regeneration of Each Organ

Brain 1 year
Digestive Organs 5 days
Red Blood Cells 120 days
Skin 28 days
Muscle, Liver 60 days
Heart 22 days
Bone 2 to 3 years
Nutragen supplements are power supplements that are based on the concept born in the United States.
They have been further improved according to the need of people of Japan and manufactured in Japan.
It will recreate "you" who can convert what you eat into energy for thinking and for all other activities.
Let's start your inner power revolution by Nutragen supplement!
(Nutragen supplements are manufactured by GMP certified factory in Japan that aims at the highest level of "safety of food")
Customer comments
52-year-old man working in advertising agency
I have been taking both Vita and BK9.
Amazed by the change! Only 3 days after taking them, the left arm which I could not raise beyond shoulder since I was 50, could be raised without any issues.
I now have no problems, reaching even those of high places.
Come to think of it, I have not been to massage since I started taking them.
42-year-old female: pharmacist
I am having my daughter take VITA.
I was surprised first by the number and amount of ingredients of Nutragen supplement.
Also convinced by good cost performance, we as a couple are taking them as a set.
With our 16 year-old daughter who started having severe acne and brushed face before the ballet contest, the facial skin issues disappeared only few days after taking two pills of NutraVITA and now her skin is mirror-smooth!
Now she is the one addicted to Nutragen supplement most.
34-year-old woman: housewife
I am taking them as a set.
Although I knew that my 3 year old child will not behave as I wish, I very often became very harsh at him because extremely irritated.
Recently, my response became much calmer such as "So be it. Cannot be helped." and enjoy the child's behavior.
Children and husband both of course are delighted of my good mood.
61-year-old male company management
I am taking as a set.
When customer asked questions in the negotiations, I often became flustered, and I regret that "I should have said this and that." After I started taking this supplement, I feel like I have become sharper and have more power and momentum to persuade.
Nowadays I am coming into a negotiation table with strong confidence.
47 year old woman in insurance company
I am taking BK9. I am an outside sales lady therefore my feet and legs become swollen in the evening.
I had given up thinking it couldn't be helped.
However after starting this supplement, I was no longer looking for a seat immediately on the train.
I have changed. I am very grateful.
64 year old man as musical instrument shop owner
I have been taking as a set.
I did not feel anything particular therefore I kept taking as a prevention and precaution.
I usually have difficult time in the beginning of spring, having itchy eyes and nose, and have been melancholy every year.
However this year it was very easy and the pollen season was over without knowing it. Is this because of the supplement?
48-year-old female office management
I am having my son take VITA.
For he is the only son, I have been ordering kid's supplement from the United States, but since he became 12, I started ordering supplements for teen agers. Alas it was too big therefore he could not take.
Since his entrance exam to junior high is coming soon, and because I read that vitamin is necessary to utilize full brain power, I was looking for a good vitamin. I started giving him two tablets in the morning and one tablet before going to prep-school.
Hopefully his careless mistake will decrease.
Oh yeah, forehead acne that started just before teen age has already cleared.
製品情報12 You will be Awed by Physical Stamina & overflowing motivation!
Refreshment, no-more frustration, stiffness gone, mirror-smooth skin, clear head, sharp mind!
slim body, stamina when dieting,preventing/slowing glycation, oxidation and aging

Produce the only cellular fuel that is ATP

We combined Co-Enzyme Q10, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, L-Carnitine and a wealth of B vitamins all of which are essential to the production of ATP which is the sole energy source for cellular activity. Also L-Carnitine is essential for converting bodily fat into cellular energy ATP.
By supplying a lot of these nutrients, the fuel (ATP) spreads to every corner of the body and the whole body becomes energetic. At the same time it aids efficient conversion of bodily fat to energy.

These nutrients pre-exists inside our body however the amount decreases with age. By supplying these nutrients in the 40s and afterwards when they start declining,it prevents decline of physical stamina, loss of concentration, loss of brain power, premature aging and associated decline of all physical and mental functions.

One cannot think of not supplementing once you realize how much you lose.
Synergistic effect of the combination
"Coenzyme Q10" has sufficient effect, but there are synergistic effects when combined with other nutrients. The greatest synergy comes from Alpha-Lipoic Acid and L-Carnitin.
The NutraBK9 is the only product of this kind in Japan that combines all of these ingredients in one in the amount greater than those single-ingredient supplements from other companies.
Most Powerful Antioxidants
Beginning with Alpha-Lipoic Acid that has antioxidant power of 400 times or more than that of vitamin C, these ingredients are all excellent antioxidants. The glutathione which is said to be the king of all antioxidants, requires Alpha lipoic acid and cyctine (cycteine) for its generation inside our body. These will protect you from both inside and outside of the cells. You need to replenish these substances as they decrease with age and cause numerous age-related issues.
Production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine
Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that serves to convey signal in the brain and nerves. It plays a significant role that is indispensable to thinking power and memory, but, L-carnitine is required for the production of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine will support memory and ability to think, therefore Nutra BK9 supports keen and smart you.
Support good circulation
Ginkgo biloba extract, will deliver the power to remember and recall by supporting circulation all around the body.
A supplement formulated with abundance of most effective natural nutrients!
So much ingredients despite very affordable price!
Citric acid cycle that produces ATP (TCA cycle)

Ingredients Qty per 7 tablets Unit
CoQ10 100 mg
alpha lipoic acid 150 mg
L-Cyctine 400 mg
L-Carnitine 500 mg
Ginko Biloba 50 mg
Vitamin B1 20 mg
Vitamin B2 20 mg
Vitamin B3(Niacine) 100 mg
Vitamin B6 50 mg
Vitamin B12 100 μg
Vitamin D3 1000 IU
Folic Acid 600 μg
Lutein 5 mg
Zeaxanthin 0.25 mg
CoQ10 has a function of converting nutrients into the energy required for human activity or to prevent oxidation of the cells. It is a very important component for humans, but there is a tendency that the absolute amount decreases with age.
This reduction of this substance results in accelerated aging and various diseases and obesity.
Therefore, by taking this nutrient, promotion of health as well as various improvements such as chronic fatigue, and diet and anti-aging will be realized.
This component will work great even alone, however in fact its efficacy may be further enhanced by combining with other ingredients.

First of all, combination with"L-Carnitine"needs to be mentioned;
"L-Carnitine" is said to be effective in preventing obesity since it carries fatty acids inside the cells where Co-Enzyme Q10 exists. By the synergistic effect with CoQ10, it contributes to burning fat more efficiently and reduction of fat accumulation.
The next item worth mentioning is"Alpha Lipoic Acid"
Because alpha lipoic acid has a function to improve conversion of nutrients to energy inside the cells, the combination tend to dramatically improve endurance and recovery from fatigue by their synergy.

Due to the synergistic effect of the two compounds, ability of the cells to fend off oxidationis further enhanced, so that they display strong effect in preventing metabolic syndrome or aging.

The efficacy of CoQ10 is strong enough by itself, however it has the strong tendency that its efficacy is strongly enhanced by combining with these specific nutrients therefore it is very important to choose the product that contain all of aforementioned components together with the CoQ10.
The price of BK9 favorably compares with the offerings from Company F who is known for affordable pricing. (245 yen with BK9 versus total of 333 yen with products from Company F)
However you have to take as many as 22 tablets with single-ingredient products from Company F(Only 7 tablets with BK9)


Maximize the "Healthy Power" you have inside yourself!
It supplies such a huge amount of high purity vitamins and minerals so much that it equals or surpasses those of prescription-only high-dose multivitamins.
Abundant and finely optimized mix of 12 vitamins and 8 minerals will help you realize the "maximum possible health".
NutraVita is not ordianry multi-vitamins.
Amount of nutritious ingredients is far greater than "ordinary".

NUTRA VITA is the base supplement recommended for everyone regardless of age or sex although the quantities of effective ingredients are several times to as much as 30 times greater than those of "ordinary" multi-vitamins.
The power to detoxify, to strengthen mucus and skin, prevent oxidative damage, and slow aging. These effects have been shown to be magnified when these minerals and vitamins are provided in higher doses as with the NutraVITA.
While the nutrients included in daily meals have seen dramatic reduction in modern days, a variety of toxic chemicals that never existed in the past are being ingested daily.

Because a large amount of vitamins are consumed to decompose and discharge these toxic chemicals, the necessity of vitamin and mineral supplementation is far greater than old days.
Large quantities of vitamins will be consumed by such acitivities as; Strenuous exercise, Consume tabacco or liquor, Become sick and Take medicine, or even just taking meal and drink.

Therefore "ordinary vitamins" that are based upon antiquated RDA concept that was set over 65 years ago, will not be sufficiently effective in achieving the maximum health or the greatest effect in slowing down aging, due to inadequate amount of effective ingredients.

The market survey conducted prior to introduction into the Japanese market of this NutraVita, there was no other multi-vitamin with so much ingredients as the NutraVita except for only one that is offered as prescription-only Doctor's supplement. And this Dr's supplement's cost was over 15000 yen for one month's supply. We thought this is not affordable by most people for casual daily consumption.

Therefore, we made a firm commitment to provide high-quality high-dose multivitamin plus multi-mineral in one affordable package.

As a result

Industry experts exclaimed that "This price is Crazy in light of richness of ingredients!"

Amount of each ingredient is twice to as much as 30 times greater compared with "ordinary" multi-vitamins.
While earning great favor of medical doctors, pharmacists and practitioners of Chinese medicine, some people asked "do you really need this much?"The answer is that the NutraVita and Nutra BK9 have been designed with the concept of SONA that have been established based on the most recent and prestigious research of nutrition, and it contains the amount that is proven to be safe yet exhibit the highest health achieving effects.
This concept is becoming the mainstream in the United States.

Also its features are not the only "amount". A meticulous attention to quality has been paid of its ingredients.
For example, vitamin E in NutraVita is extracted from natural plant and is especially gentle to the body.
The minerals are more expensive but easy-to-absorb yeast-wrapped type. They are very different from cheaper chelated minerals that are mainstream in US supplement industry.
Just as dry-soils absorb water, it is quickly and efficiently absorbed and contributes to enhancing your ability to maximize your health.

Your stay calm and cool even though most people around you are suffering from coughs and sneezes.
Ingredient comparison table with other typical multi-vitamins/mineral on the market
Pink Highlighted Ingredients are 10x to 30x more
Yellow Highlighted Ingredients are 3x to 10x more

  Nutra Vita Company S Company F
Ingredient (5 tablets/day) (6 tablets/day) (6 tablets/day)
Beta Carotene 4000 IU  2700 IU  225 IU 
Vitamin C 150 mg  80 mg  80 mg 
Vitamin D 2000 IU  140 IU  200 IU 
Vitamin E 100 mg  8 mg  8 mg 
Vitamin B1 25 mg  1 mg  1 mg 
Vitamin B2 30 mg  1.1 mg  1.1 mg 
Niacine (Vit. B3) 50 mg  11 mg  11 mg 
Vitamin B6 22.5 mg  1 mg  1 mg 
Folic Acid 400 μg  140 μg  200 μg 
Vitamine B12 50 μg  2 μg  2 μg 
Biotine 155 μg  45 μg  45 μg 
Pantotenic Acid 25 mg  5.5 mg  5.5 mg 
Zinc 7.5 mg  2.3 mg  2.1 mg 
Selenium 100 μg  7.7 μg  6.9 μg 
Copper 1.0 mg  0.2 mg  0.18 mg 
Manganese 5.0 mg  1.2 mg  1.05 mg 
Chromium 60 μg  10 μg  9 μg 
Molibdenium 37.5 μg  5.7 μg  5.1 μg 
Inositor 25.0 mg  -  mg  -  mg 

As much as 25 times VitaminB1, B2, B3, B6, B12,
13 times as much selenium and vitamin E!
That's why you can feel the difference, So much difference!
Four Minerals that Nutragen consider Important hence recommend higher intake